Swedish artist, lives and work in Stockholm



Installations in different materials and various places during the period 1992 – 2006. In 2012 an interpretation of The Transparency of the Past was exibited at Sven-Harrys konstmuseum in Stockholm.

Meta Isaeus-Berlin’s installations are accomplished works of art that lingers in memory and creates metaphors for life by depicting its single events sometimes as surrealistic or traumatic but also poetic and loving, in a mix of trivial reality and irrational beauty and fantasy.

Sömngångerskan, 2018, Installation

Borås Konstmuseum, Sweden. Courtesy L&B contemporary art gallery, Barcelona, Spain.
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Double Gaze, 2017 Installation

Courtesy L&B contemporary art gallery, Barcelona
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2015 Sedimenterade minnen/Vulkanisk energi, förseglad (Memory Sediment/Volcanic Energi, Seald)

Avesta Art 2015, Avesta, Sweden
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Uppvaknandet och Sängdags(Awakening and Bedtime), 2013

I <3 IT! WHAT IS IT? Galleri 5, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm, Sverige
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Sandcastle for Grown-ups, 2013

Mare Gallery, Chania, Crete, Grecce
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Smygkuvning, 2012

Tielska galleriet, Stockholm, Sverige
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2012 Ett riktigt hem-En replik på ett hem, ( The Transparancy of the Past)

Organza, Courtesy Meta Isæus-Berlin
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Jag förlåter ingenting ( I don´t forgive anything) 2006

Fikla Vrårna, Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm, Sverige
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Återblickens transparance ( The Transparency of the Past), 2004

På Glid, Jönköpings läns museum, Jönköping, Sverige
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Två parallella nu ( Two Parallel Now)2003

Olle Olsson-huset, Solna, Sverige
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Nästan ingenting (Nearly Nothing), 2002

Skönhetens Metamorfoser,Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg, Sverige
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Vad minnet väljer (What Memory Selects), 2001

Andréhn-Schiptjenko, Stockholm, Svarige
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