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Privacy Policy for Margareta Isaeus-Berlin Konstnärliga Verksamhet.

We handle the security of personal data provided on this website with
great respect and consideration. Here we describe how we collect and use data.
This site is managed to comply with GDPR laws and regulations.

What data do we store and how long?

The information is the fields that the respective submission form contains. We save the data as long as they are necessary with regard to the purpose of the treatment. We base the collection of these personal data upon consent.

Share, change or delete the stored information

You are entitled to request information about what personal data we have stored about you up to once a year.
To do so, please contact the person responsible. You are entitled to request rectification or deletion of your personal information at any time.


You are entitled to revoke your use of your personal information at any time by contacting Privacy Manager.

Contact information for personal data controller and personal information representative

Margareta Isaeus-Berlin (personal information representative)

Phone: +46736826125
Email: meta@isaeusberlin.se
Margareta Isaeus-Berlin’s Konstnärliga Verksamhet (Personnel Responsible)
Corporate: 196304250423
Celsiusgatan 3
11230 Stockholm